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Concurring the street

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Spreading Chassidus


The Goal of the Yeshiva

 At our yeshiva, we put a lot of effort into helping young men who want to make a change in their lives.  The yeshiva is tailored to the needs of the young men. The spacious boarding school is located in a luxurious 2-story villa in Kfar Chabad. In the dormitory, we invested in fully new equipment. The dining room is also located there. The hall is also spacious with new chairs and tables and a library for the convenience of the students. The students also participate in the Yeshiva's 'Spreading the Well-Springs' program. The curriculum and outreach activities help create a special atmosphere.

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 Summer camp for yeshiva students

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Study schedules and lessons in Gemara, practical halacha and Chassidus - along with a variety of fascinating and uplifting activities in a special atmosphere


Thursday night events

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