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The Yeshiva

The guidance and support you will receive

In our Yeshiva they help not only in studying and serving Hashem at the highest level, but also in establishing a jewish home in Israel

The agenda of the Yeshiva

Tanya and chasiddus are an integral part of the yeshiva's curriculum. In addition, you will receive guidance in Gemara studies, practical Halacha lessons for daily Jewish life, learning about Messiah and redemption, and even Rabbinic certification.

Excellent conditions

Excellent physical conditions including: quality meals and courteous and skilled kitchen staff. Spacious, clean and tidy rooms. Gym, ping pong table and more.

The team of Yeshiva Rabbis

Consists of educational and professional personnel who accompany and guide the yeshiva students in Torah study, personal conversations, and in the day-to-day life of the yeshiva students

Target Audience
Guys who are already in the process of Teshuva and are interested in deepening and strengthening the study of the Torah and keeping the mitzvot.
Anyone interested in learning the Torah and the ways of chassidus in an internal and orderly manner.




spreading chassidus

To bring the study of chassidus and the ways of Hasidism closer to each and every one, based on his level

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concurring the street project

We live in a time when tradition, as always, is in a synagogue (inside) but our youth are outside. 
This project brings Jewish tradition to streets. 
In addition, the story of the Bal Shem Tov is well-known when he went up to the chambers of Moshiach and asked emati Kati Mar (when is Moshiach coming) and he answered him: When your wellsprings are spread out (outside)
This project illustrates the words as they are!

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